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  • Level
  • 35
  • Kunyomi
  • Onyomi
  • Mnemonics
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  • Insights
  • The sun is below the graveyard, or, in other words, the graveyard is on the sun, as the gravedigger sweats and his feat burn to the heat of the graveyards climate. But what did he expect? He himself chose to make his LIVELIHOOD working in the suns only graveyard.

  • He made a livelihood out of robbing graveyards in the broad light of day.

  • To paraphrase Duko from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, If youre working for a livelihood, why do you approach your grave every day working?

  • As we brightly go about earning our livelihood, we are living in the shadow of the graveyard.

  • To make a livelihood in anything you have to throw your DAYs away into the GRAVEYARD.

  • My livelihood is in the grave of the sun.

  • No job..Then made a livelihood out working the graveyard nearby, cultivating flowers, when the SUN has gone down.

  • He made a livelihood out of robbing GRAVEYARDS in broad DAYlight.

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