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He, that, the
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  • The ultimate he-man is the Neanderthal cave man. His club is as big as a pillar (column), and he wears a ragged pelt as his only clothing. To remember the column, imagine the cave man resting the club vertically like a column when not in use.

  • He tough man. He wear pelt. He go fight column of other he-s.

  • He-man fights with The Flash over a fine pelt. Both want to make a new cape for their costume out of it.

  • He goes on a hunt for pelts regularly. What a macho he-man he is.

  • He has a pelt (skin of a beast, the dictionary says!) around his column (a vertical structure standing alone and not supporting anything, the dictionary says!). I blame the dictionary.

  • Wherever a man goes 彳, he cant hide 皮 from himself; hes always in his same skin. Wherever you go, there you are. 彼、かれ, he; 彼女、かのじょ, she.

  • Imagine a group of cave-women gossiping about another cavemen. One of them points, Oh you mean him? The other responds, giggling, Yeah, he has a giant column under his pelt [aircawn + rtkrtk].

  • Ha, ha, ha! He, he, he! Hes going around wearing a pelt!

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  • か.の
  • 1. That (someone or something distant from both speaker and listener or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener)