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Know, wisdom
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  • Dart.mouth The sensation of knowing something is very common, but real knowledge constitutes darts that are coming from your mouth, sharp and pointed. 知識の 伝え方は言葉だけじゃないが、当たり前だと思われている。無駄を見分けると知って、一口で言わなければいけないことを言う。相手の気持ちを知りながら、一矢(いっし)のように目的が当たれるように。 Try to vividly imagine that. How you often suppose you know something, but when attempting to exlpian or implement it, you eventually realize you actually dont know. In contrast, if you actually know sth., localize 相手, turn his direction (aim), open 口 and shoot.

  • [know; wisdom] [An arrow 矢 like mouth 口] If you know the answers, they will fly like darts from your mouth.

  • A know-it-all cant help themselves, like Hermione, the answer to every question just darts from their mouth. [slight reframing from Ricardos].

  • Dartmouth is a place in England; do you know it?

  • The man knew too much. Right as he opened his mouth to inform the police, a poisoned dart hit him in the neck.

  • Shes such a know-it-all. She thinks shes so special because she went to Dartmouth.

  • I imagine a tv show that thrives on suspense, like Lost. One of the Others finally comes cleans to the survivors, and tells them, Alright, Ill tell you everything I know. The smoke monster is really-- Then a dart flies out of the trees and into their open mouth, killing them right before they share all of their secrets.

  • {し、チ}To speak with a spead of an arrow - means KNOW. 知る(しる)Know. 知人(チジン)Acquantance.

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  • し.る
  • 1. To be aware of
    2. To notice
    3. To understand
    4. To remember
    5. To experience
    6. To be acquainted with (a person)
    7. To concern
  • し.らせる
  • 1. To notify