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Spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point
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  • The newest fortune telling craze is to look into an oven fire until you see spots.

  • The newest fortune telling craze is to look into a fire until you see spots. Those spots will reveal the future.

  • The FORTUNE TELLER was burned by FLAMES on the spot because she was accused of being a witch.

  • This kanji also means grade, or %. てん A student at an exam is like a fortune teller, fired up by enthusiasm and eagerness to get a good grade, red spots lit up on his face from the excitement.

  • We took a spot around the fire and listened to the fortune-teller.

  • Out damn spot! Yelled the crazy fortune teller as she leaped into the fire. I guess thats not quite how it happened in Hamlet though, so I got a low mark on my English test.

  • The fortune-teller 占 has her spot by the fire 灬 where she plies her trade (like the 3 witches in Macbeth). 点、てん, spot, point, dot: 先生は黒板に点を描きました, The teacher drew a point on the blackboard. 観点、かんてん, point of view: 母は何でもお金の観点から考える, My mother thinks of everything in terms of money. その問題を別の観点から見てみましょう, Lets look at that problem from a different point of view.

  • The fortune teller was thrown into flames on the spot.

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  • つ.ける
  • 1. To turn on
  • つ.く
  • 1. To be lit (e.g. electricity comes on)
    2. To catch fire
  • た.てる
  • 1. To make tea (matcha)
  • さ.す
  • 1. To pour
    2. To put on (lipstick etc.)
    3. To light (a fire)
  • とぼ.す
  • 1. To light (a candle lamp etc.)
  • とも.す
  • 1. To light (a candle lamp etc.)