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Eat, food
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  • That umbrella looks good enough to eat!

  • Imagine the halo when you pray before the meal. The people queuing up outside the restaurant in the rain with an umbrella couldnt care less about your sanctimoniousness.

  • Note : as a primitive I use the image of a hamburger, or fast food.

  • Did you know that the Last Supper was actually eaten underneath an Umbrella? It was raining so everyone had to crowd under the umbrella... their halos kept bumping as they ate.

  • Eating under the umbrella is a euphemism for dining al fresco, specifically eating at a pushcart vendor. A good 良 thing for a person 人 to do sometimes. 食事、しょくじ, meal, dinner; 食堂、しょくどう, eating hall, cafeteria; 定食、ていしょく, set restaurant meal: 昼は地下の食堂で300円の定食を食べる, At noon I eat the ¥300 set meal in the basement cafeteria. 食べる、たべる, to eat.

  • You dont need silverware when you eat a hamburger under one of those otdoor fast food umbrellas.

  • As a primitive, I make this a donut because I keep 良 as a halo like Hesig suggested. its good to have a specific food that didnt creep into any other stories beforehand! It also helps me not write 銀 underneath the umbrella.

  • Well, we already eat and drink his flesh and blood. So why not eat a JESUS UMBRELLA?

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  • く.う
  • 1. To eat
    2. To live
    3. To bite
    4. To tease
    5. To encroach on
    6. To defeat a superior
    7. To consume time and-or resources
    8. To receive something (usu. an unfavourable event)
    9. To have sexual relations with a woman esp. for the first time
  • く.らう
  • 1. To eat
    2. To receive (e.g. a blow)
    3. To be on the receiving end (of something undesirable)
  • た.べる
  • 1. To eat
    2. To live on (e.g. a salary)
  • は.む
  • 1. To eat (fodder grass etc.)
    2. To receive (a salary)