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Private, i, me
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  • Warning sign: Private wheat, trespassers will be elbowed.

  • A joke so bad as wheatashi wa deserves an elbow in the private parts.

  • I already know this as watashi, or I. In order to associate the keyword of private, Ill think of this one as Private I, like a detective.

  • I was glad that nobody was around when I stuck my elbow in my cereal bowl and spilled the whole damned mess all over myself. Something that stupid should remain private -- between me, myself, and I.

  • This is a private joke between my girlfriend and I; I always pronounce this kanji as wheatashi. When there are people around, she elbows my ribs because she thinks it is a bad joke.

  • Just imagine a couple, linked at the elbows, walking through the wheat, where they can find privacy.

  • For those of us that know this is watashi- why not just use watashi as your keyword? Then make up a story about wheat and elbows.

  • When I need some private time to think I go to the wheat field (its so high that I cant be seen). Then I sit with my elbow on my knee like a Greek statue!

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