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  • Level
  • 36
  • Kunyomi
  • はたけ, はた
  • Onyomi
  • none
  • Mnemonics
  • Used in
  • Sentences
  • Insights
  • On Japanese rice farms, you constantly see fires on rice fields because old stalks are burned to make fertilizer.

  • This kanji actually makes a boatload of sense. In Japan, rice farmers are constantly making little fires on their rice farms burning up all the old stalks and things probably to be used as fertilizer. In moving to Japan, I found this practice to be very new and odd to me. So I would venture to guess thats exactly where this kanji comes from. If not, it certainly makes it really easy to remember.

  • When creating a farm, the prospective farmer must first set fire to the forest to clear the ground. Only then can he plow the fields. Fire before fields to make a farm.

  • Crap! the field in our neighbours farm is on fire!

  • On a Japanese farm, fire is often set to the rice fields (after harvest).

  • They use fire to clear the fields of the FARM.

  • BURN the FIELDS of the FARM.

  • Japanese farmers use fire to burn the rice stalks from the field to fertilize the farm.

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