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Teach, faith, doctrine
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  • In early Japan, filial piety was the cornerstone of education, and harsh taskmasters were employed to teach it.

  • You could say that the taskmistress is teaching you filial piety when she whips you and asks, Whos your daddy?!

  • Can you please teach me what filial piety means, taskmaster?

  • Traditionally, filial piety 孝 was the most important thing to teach. The teachers were real taskmasters 攵 who administered corrective strokes ノ as needed. 教師、きょうし, teacher; 教室、きょうしつ, classroom; 教える、おしえる, to teach, to tell: 最新の教師は最小の教室で教えます, The newest teacher teaches in the smallest classroom. 教わる、おそわる, to take lessons, be taught: 私はアメリカ人の女性に英語を教わった, I was taught English by an American woman.

  • Under the 3rd Reich, Hitlers schoolmasters used to teach children that filial piety is less important than the fatherland. Kids ended up denouncing their parents to the regime.

  • The taskmaster taught the child how to carry the old man on its shoulders.

  • In Nazi Germany, hitler made every school teach the concept of filial piety, as it was important to his dreams of an Arian race.

  • The taskmaster teaches the child to look up to his old man. ❶ 宗教(しゅうきょう) - religion. ❷ 教会(きょうかい) - church. ❸ 通信教育(つうしんきょういく) - correspondence education.

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  • おし.える
  • 1. To teach
    2. To tell
    3. To preach
  • おそ.わる
  • 1. To be taught