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Sparkle, clear, crystal
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  • Three suns together are in kind of the position of a sparkle on an anime character.

  • 3parkle (three-parkle).

  • The crystallized ball would sparkle is if it encompasses three suns within.

  • To see all the stars sparkle it has to be crystal clear.

  • A diamond sparkles as brightly as three suns.

  • Wow - Has been ages since I got this character up in a review, I failed it because I thought of a different kanji. Anyway this Kanji has a lot to do with crystals and crystal structure 液晶liquid crystal, 結晶 crystal, crystallization, crystallisation, 結晶学 crystallography. So the connotation of diamond is really good - maintain that and it will easily let you fall back to its main usage of crystals.

  • The sun sparkled for 3 days...1 液晶 えきしょう (n) liquid crystal 2 結晶 けっしょう (n,vs) crystal; crystallization; crystallisation 3 水晶 すいしょう (n) crystal.

  • Three suns sparkle brilliantly.

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