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Wind, air, style, manner
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  • They say that when an INSECT flaps its wings even the single DROP of WIND that it creates is sometimes enough to create a hurricane on the other side of the Earth.

  • The WIND usually carries things around in it - drops of rain or snow, and lots of insects.

  • A boat is tossed left and right by the wind.

  • Mediocre insects get caught in the wind.

  • Most people dont know that wind is actually created by a bunch of insects at the end of the earth. They wake up in the morning, twist their fitted blue baseball caps backwards (see it on top of their head?), and get to work flapping their wings as hard as they can, causing the wind shockwave to spread in all directions.

  • I keep confusing the primitive for wind and the complete kanji for wind. Remember that the complete kanji for wind is carrying something - the gnats, while the primitive is empty.

  • Anyone whos ridden a motorcycle knows that the wind hits you with insects like rain drops.

  • When its windy, insects will blow around and smash into the windshield of your car, sending drops of insect juices flying all over.

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