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Hit, right, appropriate, himself
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  • Some mothers use a small broom to hit their children when they misbehave.

  • Here is a weird carnival game where you hold a broom like a javelin and throw it, trying to hit the center of a very small target. The target is so small, in fact, that if someone does manage to hit it, the operator turns in surprise and says, Whoa, really?! (本当?!).

  • Hit the Atari (当たり) joystick; its a small hand-held broom- like device which you can use to hit and sweep off the enemies with. Tootal (とう) destruction! (Readings: あ(たり), とう).

  • RPG: Your first weapon in the game is a Small Broomstick. Use >> Attack Enemy >> You Hit the Enemy for 40 Damage! (Imagine the two little sparks emerging from the broom as it hits your enemy).

  • This kanji is a pictograph. The three little lines on the top show the force of the impact, as the broom hits the floor in a devastating downward strike. Imagine a scene from a manga, where some irate person has just savagely attacked something with a broom.

  • Id hit it (with my little broomstick)!

  • HIT a LITTLE mouse with a LITTLE BROOM.

  • These small 小 antenna-wearing pigs 彐 were introducing are sure to be a big hit. Claims that they could run amok and take over the world are simply not true. 本当、ほんとう, true, real: それは本当の話ですか, Is that really a true story? 本当にそう思いますか, Do you really think so?; 弁当、べんとう, box lunch; 当たる、あたる, 当てる、あてる, hit, be on target.

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  • あ.たる
  • 1. To be hit
    2. To touch
    3. To be equivalent to
    4. To be right on the money (of a prediction criticism etc.)
    5. To be selected (in a lottery etc.)
    6. To be successful
    7. To face
    8. To lie (in the direction of)
    9. To undertake
    10. To be stricken (by food poisoning heat etc.)
    11. To be called on (e.g. by a teacher)
    12. To treat (esp. harshly)
    13. To be unnecessary
    14. To be hitting well
    15. To feel a bite (in fishing)
    16. (of fruit etc.) to be bruised
    17. To feel (something) out
    18. To shave
    19. To be a relative of a person
  • あ.たり
  • 1. Hit
    2. Success
    3. Guess
    4. Affability
    5. Sensation
    6. Bruise (on fruit)
    7. Situation in which a stone or chain of stones may be captured on the next move (in the game of go)
    8. Bite (of a fish on a hook)
    9. Per
  • あ.てる
  • 1. To hit
    2. To expose
    3. To apply (e.g. patch)
    4. To allot
    5. To guess (an answer)
    6. To make a hit (e.g. in a lottery)
  • あ.て
  • 1. Aim
    2. Expectations
    3. Something that can be relied upon
    4. Snack served with alcoholic drink
    5. Pad
    6. Blow
    7. Addressed to
    8. Per
  • まさ.に
  • 1. Exactly
    2. Right then
    3. Just (about to)
    4. Duly
  • まさ.にべし
  • 1. This (business organisation or place)
    2. Tou