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  • When the sun rises from the floor, night ends so its nightbreak.

  • A nightbreak happens when the sun rises over the horizon (floor).

  • The sun rising over the horizon is giving the night a break. -nightbreak.

  • Nightbreaks when the sun peeks over the horizon at dawn.

  • I change this kanjis keyword to daybreak so that it actually means in English what it means in Japanese. The reason Heisig didnt choose daybreak for this kanji is because he already has daybreak chosen for 暁. I just change that one to dawn because they mean basically the same thing, and the image of a sun slowly coming up over the horizon is a clearer image of daybreak to me.

  • In Japan, when the sun comes up over the horizon, its called NIGHTBREAK (not daybreak).

  • Since nightbreak is a word I can never manage to use in a natural sounding sentence, and since this is clearly a picture of the sun coming up over the horizon, I call this one sunrise. Its no more confusing than nightbreak is with Daybreak 1201 and Dawn 2448, and its a lot easier to make stories with.

  • Night breaks as the sun rises over the horizon.

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  • あき.らか
  • 1. Master (of a house shop etc.)
    2. Husband (informal)
    3. Sir
    4. Patron of a mistress geisha bar or nightclub hostess
    5. Alms