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Prosperous, bright, clear
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  • If you work from sun up to sun down you would be prosperous.

  • At that time, the country was so prosperous that they create another huge artificial sun that shine upon the country, from a far, one can mistake it for two sun, one above the other, so it was called ‘The prosperous age of two suns’.

  • Two suns would make the land prosperous.

  • If you work from Sun UP to Sun DOWN you will be prosperous.

  • I kept getting this mixed up with meanings like fortune, so here is a fool proof story! Remember the Vulcan salute from Star Trek (a fiction of the sci-fi genre in which heavenly bodies such as SUNS play a huge role) used with the phrase live long and PROSPER? If thats not enough of a visual reminder, the Vulcan salute shows the fingers parted in to 2 sets of 2, and visually kind of looks like this kanji if you think about it.

  • When you are prosperous, your gold shines as brightly as two suns.

  • If you work from sun up to sun down you will be prosperous.

  • The Egyptians were prosperous because every two days, they worshiped the sun god at the sun pyramid. (Thanks for the idea adhmm, for a while I have had trouble remembering which sun is biggest. Got it now!)

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