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Seaweed, duckweed
  • Level
  • 79
  • Kunyomi
  • Onyomi
  • そう
  • Mnemonics
  • Used in
  • Insights
  • El alga es la flor del agua con el cual se elaboran mercancías al igual que con la madera.

  • Seaweed are the flowers which are perpetually awashed 澡 in water and used to make chirping birds 喿 happy as food.

  • Seaweed are like flowery furniture in the water.

  • You have a really annoying Japanese co-worker who loves seaweed so much that he brings the plants still dripping into the office and hangs the to dry on the office furniture.

  • Seeweeds are water flowers. The chirping birds are actually seagulls. Incidentally - this kanji also brings to mind the classic film by Yasujiro Ozu A Story of Floating Weeds.

  • The huge mound of seaweed with flowers growing on top and water lapping around it turns out to be covering a pile of (shipwrecked?) furniture.

  • Flowery water gets rid of the nasty seaweed smell of the furniture.

  • Mouths in a tree are chirping birds (rare kanji 喿). Think of sitting at the beach with a huge pack of chirping birds (seagulls perhaps) chattering away. Upon careful inspection, they are munching on the flowers of seaweed freshly brought in by the lapping water. In order to silence them, perhaps cover them in wet seaweed flowers.

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