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Frugal, economy, thrifty
  • Level
  • 79
  • Kunyomi
  • つづまやか, つま
  • Onyomi
  • けん
  • Mnemonics
  • Used in
  • Sentences
  • Insights
  • Mr. T is as frugal as they come. He uses his one ice pick for everything: to eat, pick his teeth, clean his toilet, kill people, cook, etc.

  • Mr. T is so frugal, he hires Frankenstein as a butler because he doesnt have to pay him.

  • Mr T is a frugal person in spite of his brash appearance. He brings an awl with him to fight for the A team, not wasting needless ammo and dynamite, since no one ever gets killed anyway in A team series.

  • Person is very frugal and wont buy an ice pick since (s)he already has an awl.

  • Mr T is very frugal, when he goes out to get a prostitute he gets one that looks like Frankesteins Monster.

  • The person who built the Frankenstein monster was very frugal, using dead bodies stolen from the graveyard.

  • Chuck Norris was once called frugal by a tailor working on his Texas Ranger outfit. He promptly roundhouse kicked the tailors awl onto the bullseye of his dartboard and walked out with his new suit and a 10% discount. || Picard buys an awl from a frugal Ferrengi.

  • This person is frugal, so he did not buy an awl when he went gardening. He borrowed one from a friend.

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