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Hill, mound, left village
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  • 37
  • Kunyomi
  • none
  • Onyomi
  • Mnemonics
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  • Insights
  • The maestro lives on top of a large hill so that he can play music at over ten decibels without anyone giving a damn.

  • James Bond is planning a surprise attack on the enemy. Hes sitting on top of a hill, overlooking where he expects the enemy to go by. He checks the hand of his watch (the needle), noting that there are ten seconds left before the enemy arrives.

  • The maestro actually founded the Pinnacle. He got so popular that he had to stand atop large hills to accommodate the largest audience; they resembled needles below him. Once he made enough money, drawing on the vertiginous inspiration of his performance locale, he retired and established the Pinnacle. But not yet! No pinnacles here!

  • Beethoven was on a LARGE HILL to compose symphony number 10, but he couldnt get started.

  • 10 maestros all got on top of each other at the Cirque du Soleil and made a large hill of maestros.

  • Looks like james bond on top of the Christ The Redeemer Statue on the large hill in Sau Paulo.

  • Bugs Bunny lives in a large hill with ten rooms.

  • When the maestro learned that the LARGE HILL where he was born was just ten feet short of being classified as a mountain, he forced each member of his orchestra to haul up ten buckets of vermiculite.

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