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Who, someone, somebody
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  • Can you say who filled the turkey with shit?

  • Who is the fastest Bird? Good that you ask.. The falcon (200mph).

  • Whats a word from a bird (owl): Who?

  • Do you remember that song where they say Who let the turkeys out!? Gobble.. gobble.. gobble?

  • [who; someone; somebody] Youre alone when, suddenly, you think you hear someone speaking. Whos there?, you say, but there is no answer. Then you find out it was only a turkey gobbling. You feel relieved (and ashamed to tell this story). (Based on raulir).

  • Whos there? he says, but it was only a turkey.

  • Who talks turkey? (Im surprised this common American phrase talk turkey hasnt made it in here. It is North American centric, however -- and how the heck is this not in RTK 1? I mean, primary school kids have to know this kanji.)

  • 誰がですか is how you say 言, Who is this turkey 隹? 誰か, somebody; 誰も, nobody; 誰でも, everybody, anybody. Dont confuse with 唯 solely. If someone says 誰だ, Who is it?, you might reply 唯私だ, Its only me.

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