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  • My MEETING is at 7- but thats NOW!

  • (re: ruuku35) The meeting is not at quarter to seven but now!

  • Doc Brown (primitive) from Back to the Future checks his watch. The meeting with Marty McFly and Biff is now. Great Scott. Hes late, so he cuts a corner sharply in the DeLorean. Its such a sharp turn that its found in no other kanji. Only Doc can pull it off.

  • The meeting is now, 6:45, according to the hands of clock.

  • The letter ラ and 八-RAEIGHT(right) now.

  • いま … ① 今の仕事には、創造力が必要とされている … しごと、そうぞう、ひつよう … The work Im doing now requires creativity … 只今、ただいま- right now; Im home …「コン」… 今後、こんご- from now on, hereafter … 今晩、こんばん- this evening; tonight … NOTE- 今年、ことし- this year … 今朝、けさ- this morning.

  • For me, this is a pictogram of Mount Doom, complete with path zig-zagging up to the entrance.

  • Primitive meaning = doc from back to the future (imagine him late for a meeting and he checks his clock Great scott! or him jumpling from the clock tower!)

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