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  • If it fits bamboo is the best solution.

  • The solution to this puzzle is, like the match stick game, to make the bamboo pieces fit together.

  • The solution to every problem? Bamboofit! Our new product is useful in many situations: when your friends talk too much? BAMBOOFIT! (shove it in their mouth) When your dog barks all night? BAMBOOFIT! Leaky faucet? BAMBOOFIT!

  • Bamboo, being flexible and common, responds to many uses and easy to fit into just about anywhere, providing a good solution for almost all of your building and repair needs.

  • Solution of Japanese culture to misfits at school: beat them with bamboo sticks until they fit in again.

  • If the bamboo 竹 dont fit 合, the solution aint shit. Dont confuse with 算 calculate. Consider renaming this reply. 答え、こたえ, answer, reply: その答えは正しいです, That answer is correct. 答える、こたえる, to reply, answer: 質問に大きな声を答えました, I answered the question in a loud voice.

  • Kung-fu Panda has a simple solution for his weight problem: Wii Fit.

  • Host: Ok, next question. Here is a picture of a panda, and hes hungry. What do you think he would like to eat? A) airplane, B) the planet Mars, C) Bamboo, D) railroad tracks. Contestant: C) Bamboo. Final answer. Its the only solution that fits.

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  • こた.える
  • 1. To answer
  • こた.え
  • 1. Answer