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Mister, you, ruler, male name suffix
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  • Theres a tendency in Japan to make the younger members (kouhai) clean up after the older members (senpai) of a group, which results in a lot of grumbling and whining. Well old boy, a senpai might say, If you did as much work with the mop as you do with your mouth, you would have been done an hour ago.

  • 君[kimi] is said by the old boy to the younger boy, never the other way around as it would be an insult.

  • 君[kimi] is said by the old boy to the younger boy, otherwise it would be an insult and someone would end up with a mop to the mouth. (Thank you Raseru).

  • For this character I think of the Korean movie oldboy, in which the protagonist has hair like a mop and a mouth that screams in agony. If you have not seen it you really should its great, I wont spoil the ending...you wont see it coming :).

  • Dont address me as 君, you old boy! For you its 様, or Ill mop your mouth!

  • A few of you Japanese veterans may find it more helpful to attach the meaning of きみ to this Kanji when using it as a primitive.

  • Old boys are so arrogant I want to shove a mop in their m0uths.

  • Huge mop-like mustaches cover the mouths of many Southern good ol boys.

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