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  • Think of a two natural sources of electricity: electrical storms (a form of weather) and electrical eels. 電話 でんわ phone, call; 電気 (でんき) : electricity, (electric) light.

  • When it RAINS , if you put an electric EEL in the swimming pool , you can generate ELECTRICITY.

  • If it rains on an electric eel, expect electricity.

  • Its unwise to stand in the rain while holding an electric eel. Picture getting struck by lightning because of this.

  • 雷 with an electrical cable.

  • Electricity is like putting the power of a lightning 雷 on a wire (the little stroke at the bottom) so it can be useful to the masses by supplying them with that power.

  • Just imagine Benjamin Franklin out there in the storm flying his kite; however, instead of a key there is an eel affixed to the kite string. A bolt of lightning and... electricity.

  • Before the Industrial Revolution when kanji was first developed the only known forms of electricity came from the weather and from electric eels.

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