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Interval, space
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  • You can see the sun shine through the gate on a regular daily interval.

  • The interval between star systems (suns) was too large, so the stargates were created to travel between them.

  • We open the gates at regular intervals to let a bit of sun in.

  • At regular intervals the gates of Hell burn like the sun keeping all within nice and toasty. Interval paining.

  • BILL GATES recommends rebooting windoze at regular INTERVALS - every DAY.

  • At almost regular intervals of a year or so, Bill Gates tries again to take on their rival Sun in the server market, and thankfully UNIX and Linux always prevail.

  • At regular intervals throughout the day, the gates of Hell open to let in new wrongdoers who will never see the light of day again. ;-).

  • The interval of a day is concluded when the sun passes through the gates of night.

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