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Day, sun, japan, counter for days
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  • When a dog sees the window showing that its day and sees the sun, Its tongue wags in its mouth.

  • During the day, the girl prepared a straight ladders to climb on and touch the sun Primitive: Day Sun Tongue wagging from the mouth.

  • Open the window, new day.

  • Picture two halves of a 24-hr period: Day & Night.

  • Open window because its a sunny day.

  • The day is divided by AM and PM which is represented by the line.

  • On Sunday, church-goers sings hymns, their tongues wagging in their mouths.

  • On + Kun Reading: The Suns NICHI (niche) is to make you feel the HI-t! Keywords: NICHI, HEA-t, day.

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