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Simple, one, single, merely
  • Level
  • 28
  • Kunyomi
  • none
  • Onyomi
  • たん
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  • Insights
  • Owls are smart...for this owl everything is simple coz his brain is ten times more powerful than mine.

  • For owls, finding a needle in a rice field is simple (much better eyesight than us humans).

  • A girl who was working at Hooters thought she was going to be fired because her breasts were too small. She went to an acupuncturist who convinced her that planting needles into her brain would increase the size of her breasts. Of course, all that did is she was fired and although she wasnt very smart to begin with, now shes simple-minded for life. As a primitive let this kanji be simple-minded blond girl (ex-Hooters Girl). Keep the image distinct from Hooters Girl (top 3 strokes).

  • Its simple for an owl to find a needle in a rice field 田, because an owls eyesight is ten 十 times better than a humans. Older version is 單, with owl looking like 2 eyes 口口. 簡単、かんたん, easy, simple (simplicity +): 簡単な報告を出しました, I turned in a simple report. 簡単に, easily: 宿題は簡単に出来た, I was easily able to do the homework.

  • How do you perform a labotomy, Owl? Pooh asks one day. In his characteristically supercilious tone, Owl replies, Simple, my simple friend. I shall show you by performing one on myself. You see one just has to remove ones brain, like so, and put it on a needle and then...oh, Pooh, I dont feel very well.... Alas, Pooh is no longer paying attention, because hes currently watching The Simple Life, the primitive reading for this kanji.

  • Working at hooters is a simple job, you dont need to have brains, just need to be a 10.

  • For wise owls, brain surgery is simple. All you need is a needle.

  • The Japanese dont want owls in their rice fields and use a simple but effective trick to scare them off: they place needles down in the field.

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