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Happiness, blessing, fortune
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  • Happiness is the ONE bite of SPICY curry.

  • This is one of those rare occasions when I forgo Heisig for other methods. 「幸せから一本取ると辛い」 -- if you take but one stroke away from happiness, you get painfulness. (oh well, Heisig used similar one for 百).

  • Happiness and pain(spicy) are just one stroke diffence. Its a fine balance.

  • A rare instance in which Heisig made a mistake in the primitives. The bottom is not spicy, because there is no vase or standing here--the first horizontal stroke of the vase is too long. Rather, this is soil and a new primitive below, which we shall call a garden-variety goat. Its like the mountain goat in frame 1959, just not in the mountains. Thus, happiness is exemplified by a goat nibbling on soiled garbage on the ground. (Well only get to use goat once more, in frame 1613).

  • Heisigs got the primitives wrong. Heres my story: I can see, below the ground, through a basement window, ten horny girls. Now if I only can get there, happiness is assured. Lucky me that I saw them!.

  • Happiness adds a bit of spice to your life.

  • When eating SPICY food theres a fine LINE (the extra line at the top) between happiness and pain.

  • Spiciness can be either good or bad. If you get the balance just right (adding the stroke at the top to make it more symmetric), then you can achieve happiness.

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  • さいわ.い
  • 1. Happiness
    2. Luckily
  • しあわ.せ
  • 1. Happiness