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Guard, protect, defend, obey
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  • A GUARD is usually glued to the house he watches.

  • A guard provides a measure of security to those under a roof.

  • A good GUARD should stick to your house like glue and be willing to take any measures to protect you.

  • A good guard never leaves the house he watches over. Hes practically glued to it.

  • To guard your house 宀 you need to stick 寸 close to it to make sure its safe. 守る、まもる, to guard, protect, defend: 彼らは家族を貧困から守る, They protect their family from poverty. 誰にも自分を守る権利がある, Everyone has a right to protect themselves. 子守、こもり, babysitter, nursemaid; お守り、おまもり, charm, amulet: 彼女はいつも魔除けのお守りを持っている, She always carries a charm against evil.

  • A guard gives those under a roof a measure of security.

  • The Queens Guard at Buckingham Palace stay in their little houses and are glued to the spot.

  • A guard must stick close to the house.

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  • まも.る
  • 1. To protect
    2. To keep (i.e. a promise)
  • まも.り
  • 1. Protection
    2. Providence
    3. Amulet