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Connection, barrier, gateway, involve, concerning
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  • The golden calf is the connection to the doors of Hell.

  • The golden calf is sent to the gates of Hell for its connection to false idols.

  • Theres a weird connection between worshipping the golden calf and visiting the gates of Hell.

  • At the airport, the woolly mammoth was too big. When he tried to go through his flights gate he got stuck and missed his connecting flight.

  • The horny St bernard dog is sent to the gates of hell because of his sinful behavior. Man, I hope they have Internet connection here... mutters the horny doggy, hoping he can at least have some relieve with online dogporn.

  • Bill Gates and the woolly mammoth gazed longingly at one another. Bill squeezed her hand gently; Do you feel it? The connection? Its... electric. The mammoth blushed, twinges of anticipation and fear coursing through her heart. Could they really start over? She didnt want to get hurt again, but the connection was still so deep; so real. She looked Bill in the eyes: Dont you break my heart again Bill. I love you, baby. Lets go back to my place. Im going to get Pleistocene on your fat ass..

  • I wonder if there is a connection between these broken gates and that mastodon roaming my garden. [mastodon primitive courtesy of romanrozhok].

  • The wooly mammoth Smashes the gates down restoring the connection between the glacier and the low lands.

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  • かか.わる
  • 1. To be affected
    2. To be concerned with
    3. To stick to (opinions)