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Take, fetch, take up
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  • Fuaburisus with a twist: You know that classic trick where someone pretends to take something out of an someone elses ear (such as a coin). Instead of a cigarette or a pen he pulls the person’s crotch out of their ear. Very painful!

  • Someone does the classic magic trick of pretending to take something out of their ear (such as a coin). Or maybe it is a cigarette or a pen that you take from behind the ear (the crotch of the ear).

  • Its too dangerous to go alone take these. and so Link takes earplugs and crotch protection and goes to face the furious Zelda. Ganondorf was not the final boss..

  • After defeating a foe in battle, the most common trophies to take are the ear and the crotch. (I find this helps to prevent confusion with accept, because no one will offer these things to you; you must take them).

  • A doctor has an unusual method of taking your temperature...

  • Another twist on Fuaburisus: Instead of pretending to take something out of someones ear, the adult party magician pretends to take something out of the guests crotches.

  • When I was in elementary school, teachers liked to take hold of your ear 耳 with their right hand 又 and give it a twist. Supposedly this is a picture of a right hand 又 taking hold of an ear 耳. 取る、とる, to take; 日取り、ひどり, the appointed day; 取り上げる、とりあげる, to take up or adopt; to take away.

  • Theres two places I can take your temperature...

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  • と.る
  • 1. To take
    2. To steal
    3. To eat
    4. To remove (ones glasses etc.)
    5. To compete (in sumo cards etc.)
  • と.り
  • 1. Taking
    2. Last performer of the day (usu. the star performer)
    3. Active partner (e.g. in judo demonstration)
    4. Emphatic or formal prefix