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  • 30
  • Kunyomi
  • わす
  • Onyomi
  • ぼう
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  • You only truly forget her when she has perished in your heart.

  • To forget means that something perishes from your heart.

  • We keep the deceased in our hearts so as not to forget.

  • Perish my heart if I forget this kanji.

  • A dead heart is the only way to forget your love.

  • I didnt do well as a doctor. One of my patients perished because I forgot to put her heart back at the end of the surgery.

  • You will perish if you forget to make your heart beat. (Never mind that its an involuntary muscle) The reason people die of old age is simply dementia.

  • Id forget my hat 亠 if it wasnt attached with a hook 乙. My mind 心 is on other things; my heart just isnt in it. 忘れる、わすれる, to forget: 彼は時々傘を電車の中に置き忘れる, He sometimes misplaces his umbrella on the train. 彼らは時間も忘れるほど忙しかった, They even forgot the time, they were so busy. 忘年会、ぼうねんかい, New Years party, year-end party: 私、今夜の忘年会には参加しないつもりなの, I dont intend to participate in tonights year-end party.

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  • わす.れる
  • 1. To forget