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Species, kind, class, variety, seed
  • Level
  • 30
  • Kunyomi
  • たね, ぐさ
  • Onyomi
  • しゅ
  • Mnemonics
  • Used in
  • Sentences
  • Insights
  • This kanji also means Seed. STORY: Scientists have developed a new SPECIES of WHEAT that has large HEAVY seeds. Now we can feed the world.

  • After the whole low-carb craze, scientists developed a new low-carb species of wheat, so that dieters could eat it without getting heavier.

  • The heavy wheat is a special type or species of wheat used to fatten livestock.

  • Our species has a wheat heavy diet...

  • This is also the word for seed. Wheat seeds are sorted by how heavy they are.

  • Wheat is eaten by all the heavy species (cows, horses, Americans, etc.)

  • The hot chick from Species has been eating a lot of bread lately, and shes really gotten heavy.

  • Wheat 禾 seeds are heavier 重 than those of other species. Primary meaning is seed. 種、たね, seed: 母は庭に朝顔の種を蒔きました, My mother planted morning glory seeds in the garden. 苦は楽の種, Suffering is the seed of pleasure. 種、しゅ, kind, type (you find a seed under your shoe): この種の経験は誰にも馴染み深い, This kind of experience is familiar to everyone.種類、しゅるい (+ sort): この二つは種類が同じです, These two are of the same type. その種類の本を買いました, I bought a book of that type.

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