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  • Kunyomi
  • しず
  • Onyomi
  • せい
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  • When someone you know who is normally talkative goes quiet, its usually a sign that they are contending with the blues.

  • When you feel blue, you want to go somewhere quiet to help you contend with your problems.

  • Best way to get kids to be quiet. Have a quiet contest. Each contender must be quiet by holding their breath until they turn blue in the face.

  • The once proud and boisterous contender has been smacked down by a smurf and is quiet for once.

  • Tip: Primitive positions: Note how blue has quietly crept to the other side... its normally on the right.

  • When youve got the blues 青, you dont want to contend 争 with anyone. You want to be quiet. You dont want to セイ anything. 安静、あんせい, rest, quiet: 絶対安静が必要だ, Absolute rest is essential. 冷静、れいせい, calm, cool, composed: 冷静に考えてください, Please think about it calmly. 静か、しずか, quiet, still: 外国にいることが忘れてしまうぐらい、静かな時間だった, I almost forgot I was in a foreign country, it was so quiet.

  • I go quiet when I have the blues to contend with.

  • Sit quiet and enjoy the blue, dont contend with it.

  • かれ[しず]静かにしなさいという合図としてくちびるてた。

    He put his finger to his lips as a sign to be quiet.

  • その部屋ではみんな[しず]静かにしていた。

    All were quiet in the room.

  • ジムはぼうこさないように[しず]静かに部屋った。

    Jim entered the room quietly so he wouldn't wake the baby.

  • いが[しず]静まったとき、パパがってフラットにって、たちにサンドイッチをってきてくれたわ。

    When the shooting died down a bit, Daddy ran over to our flat and brought us back some sandwiches.

  • あなたは[しず]静かにしているかぎりここにいてもよい。

    You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.

  • たとえころうと、れいせいでなければならない。

    Whatever happens, you must keep calm.

  • かのじょ[しず]静かな音楽むーえばバロック音楽を。

    She prefers quiet music-the baroque, for example.

  • そこはじられないほど[しず]静かだった。たぶんそういうわけで、かれはそこがとてもったのだ。

    It was unbelievably quiet there; perhaps that's why he liked the place so much.

  • がおさまると[しず]静かになった。

    There was a sudden calm as the wind dropped.

  • [しず]静かに!

    Be quiet!

  • 今夜てが[しず]静まりかえっている。

    All is calm tonight.

  • すべてのものが[しず]静かだった。

    All was still.

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  • しず.か
  • 1. Quiet
    2. Slow
    3. Calm
  • しず.まる
  • 1. To become quiet
    2. To calm down
  • しず.める
  • 1. To appease