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Sort, kind, variety, class, genus
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  • 30
  • Kunyomi
  • たぐ
  • Onyomi
  • るい
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  • Note this character means sort in the sense of what kind, I believe a better keyword would be variety and this character does appear in some dictionaries with the primary meaning as variety, my story: Im in a Chinese restaurant and the waiter says What sort of rice would you like with your dog head?

  • There are many sorts of rice in Japan. Some are as big as your head!

  • (Compilation of raulirs and Raichus stories). Various types of food are enumerated on the page (maybe a menu): in the upper half you see vegetarian sorts of food (such as rice), and in the lower half you see sorts of meat dishes (such as St. Bernard dogs meat).

  • At Hogwarts, theres a child so cruel that he only feeds rice to his pet St. Bernard dog. When the Sorting Cap is placed on his head, he naturally is sorted into Slytherin.

  • You sort grains of 米 by 大きさ and write the details on a 頁.

  • Food can be sorted under two headings: The rice-like food (plants) and the dog-like food (animals). These are the two sorts of food.

  • To describe all sorts of the rice you need a really big page.

  • What sort of St. Bernard 大 carries rice 米 on its head 頁? One with a big head. 種類、しゅるい, sort, kind (species +): 何種類のりんごがありますか, How many kinds of apples are there? この湖には色々な種類の魚がいる, There are various kinds of fish in this lake. 人類、じんるい, mankind; 新人類、しんじんるい, new person type, disparaging term sometimes applied to younger Japanese.

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  • たぐ.い
  • 1. Kind
    2. Equal