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On foot, junior, emptiness, vanity, futility, uselessness, ephemeral thing, gang, set, party, people
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  • The JUNIOR COLUMN RUNS after his father.

  • The junior employee is always RUNNING around GOING here and there for his superiors.

  • Im not sure where Heisig gets the junior keyword, but this kanji is more often used in the sense of either futile (e.g. 徒労 - fruitless efforts) or group(gang) member (e.g. 聖徒 - disciple, キリスト教徒 - Christian). Ill use gang member for this one. The junior gang member is going to represent at the running competition.

  • Your junior or Jr. in the succession line is the one who runs after you.

  • Wherever you go your junior runs after you...

  • In the Roman army, the column of junior soliders had to run ahead of the veterans and be the fodder for the initial assault. Charge!

  • Little The Flash junior likes to run around in his red undies. But hes nowhere near as fast as his dad.

  • Where you goin 彳, junior? said the old man. Dont run 走 so fast! When you get older youll learn that running is mostly futile. Were all going to end up under the earth anyway. 生徒、せいと, pupil, student: そのクラスには何人の生徒がいますか, How many students are in that class? 徒歩、とほ, on foot: 泥棒は徒歩で逃げました, The thief escaped on foot. 徒労、とろう, useless effort.

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