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Assurance, firm, tight, hard, solid, confirm, clear, evident
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  • To get an absolute assurance that your turkey house will withstand the huffing and puffing of event the biggest, baddest wolf, build it from stone.

  • The turkeys have been acting up lately, running in and out of their turkey coop. The farmer put a stone in front of the turkey coop for assurance that they wouldnt get out, but now the turkeys just started to climb out the roof of the turkey coop.

  • Can ya smeeeeeellllllll, what the Rock is cookin? If you want to assure that your turkey coop is safe from theives and wild animals (and you happen to be a WWF fan), the just get The Rock to guard it!

  • A shady realtor gives you his assurance that this stone coop will handle all of your turkey needs.

  • The farmer put a stone in front of the door of the turkey house coop as assurance that nobody would steal the turkeys around Thanksgiving. 確か=たしか 確=しか.

  • Primitive: Turkey King (turkey wearing a crown) To assure his title, the STONEd TURKEY KING battles a large STONE. 確か(たしか).

  • I give you my personal assurance. I will beat him to death with a rock and bury him under the turkey house. He wont bother you again.

  • A blackmail letter: As assurance that we get the stone, we abducted your crowned turkey!

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  • たし.か
  • 1. Sure
    2. Reliable
    3. If Im not mistaken
  • たし.かめる
  • 1. To ascertain