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  • Kunyomi
  • なな, なの
  • Onyomi
  • しち
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  • Lucky for you, this kanji means exactly the same as the radical that belongs to it. This makes it quite easy to remember this kanji. The meaning of this kanji is seven!

  • Number seven got stabbed and is now staying upside down.

  • An upside down number seven is being diced starting with a slice down the middle.

  • This kanji is our good old seven, turned upside down.

  • I crossed it out because I wrote this SEVEN upside down.

  • Its the number 7 inverted.

  • If you take the line in the middle out, its an upside down seven, Ta-da!

  • Sailing the seven seas - the kanji bears resemblance to one of those old Viking ships they used to sail to America with.

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