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Difference, differ
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  • You lose your precious locket on the road to somewhere. You ask people if theyve seen it, but no luck. Just buy another one, someone says. I mean, whats the difference? Then of course you say Well, it makes a huge difference!! Since it has sentimental value, I dont want a different one! Then of course they understand.

  • You loose your LOCKET on the ROAD and report it to the 交番. They find one, and show it to you. 「これですか?」 But its the wrong one... You say, 「いいえ。。違います。。」.

  • An odd version of The Road Less Traveled: I found a locket in the road, and that has made all the difference.

  • You know what the difference is between you and me? I find this expensive locket on the road and I look for the owner. You, on the other hand, look for a pawn shop. THATs the difference.

  • The difference between a locket and a road is a locket is a path to a memory, not a place.

  • Noticing a difference between the locket hanging around his lovers neck and the locket he had giver her he rips it off her and throws it in the road.

  • Those who walk an eccentric road in life see many a difference in the world to your regular joe. Note this kanji most commonly describes mistakes and misunderstandings. The eccentric road is commonly misunderstood by others.

  • Five 五 hatless guys with their mouths 口 open yelling Whee ヰ! make a big difference on the road 辶. (ヰ = obs. katakana wi.) 違う、ちがう, to be wrong, different: その答えは違うと思うよ, I think that answer is wrong! 先生とは世代が違うんだ, My generation is different from the teachers. 間違い、まちがい, mistake: 不注意な人はよく間違いをする, A careless person often makes mistakes. 違法、いほう, illegal: 警察は違法駐車の取り締まりを始めている, The police have begun a crackdown on illegal parking.

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  • ちが.う
  • 1. To differ (from)
    2. To not be in the usual condition
    3. To not match the correct (answer etc.)
    4. To be different from promised
    5. Isnt it?
  • ちが.い
  • 1. Difference
    2. Mistake
  • ちが.える
  • 1. To change
    2. To mistake
    3. To fail to keep (e.g. ones promise)
    4. To sprain (a muscle)
  • たが.う
  • 1. To differ
    2. To run counter to
    3. To change (into something out of the ordinary)
  • たが.える
  • 1. To change
    2. To run counter to
    3. To make a mistake (in)