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See, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible
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  • Matsumoto bends down (儿) on his knees to see if Shibata, who is lying on the floor, is alright. His face turned red, Matsumoto wants to see with his own eyes (目) if he is still alive.

    kanji Mnemonic
  • A cyclops sees the world with a single eye and his human legs.

  • With your eyes and even with your feet you are keen [ケン] on watching anime, and youre watching the anime miru tights[み.る。み.える。み.せる].

  • I see your eye and legs.

  • Remember the eye with human legs in the Johnny Quest theme song. What a weird site to see!

  • The eye has human legs. Think of all the things it could go and see!

  • As a primitive, this is Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. (the giant eyeball with legs...) Makes for easy stories later on.

  • Eyes and legs are all you need to see the world.

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  • み.る
  • 1. To see
    2. To examine
    3. To look after
    4. To experience
    5. To try ...
    6. To see (that) ...
  • み.える
  • 1. To be seen
    2. To look
    3. To come
  • み.せる
  • 1. To show