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Route, way, road
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  • On this route, all trucks have to check in at the scales before they can get on the road.

  • There are too many roads, so you need to plan a route.

  • Truck drivers in the US have to drive the truck onto some massive scales at state borders, for tax reasons. They have to plan their route accordingly; there arent scales on every road.

  • When you’re spending too much time on the road, you’re always en route to somewhere.

  • Route 66 is no longer a major highway, but parts of it remain as a historcal landmark called Historical Route 66. To go on this road, big vehicles have to be weighed on a scale--if theyre too heavy they cant go on it as it risks damaging the historical route.

  • The routes (the roads in Pokemon) have too much Rattata and too little shinies!

  • Its not very often 余り that I take this route on the road 辶, because I feel like my toes are being chewed up. 途中、とちゅう, on the way, en route: 学校へ行く途中で、友達に出会いました, On the way to school, I ran into a friend. halfway, in the middle: 勉強を途中で辞めてはいけないよ, You mustnt quit studying halfway! 途端、とたん, as soon as: 彼女は自分の部屋に入った途端泣き出した, As soon as she entered her own room she burst out crying.

  • Choosing the best route will prevent you from covering too much road.

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