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Eight things

Eight Numeric
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  • やっつ
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  • In japan all numbers of things following the same patterns, you'll really just only need to remember that it is the number plus つ. This is the same with the counterpart for eight things. When you have eight things you say 八 + つ, what makes it やっつ.

  • あいつは、まったくあたまにくるやつだ。

    That guy really burns me up.

  • かれはずいぶんへんなやつだ。

    He is really a queer fellow!

  • かれしんせつでいいやつだ。

    He is a kind and nice fellow.

  • かれまれつきしんせつなやつだ。

    He is by nature a kind fellow.

  • あいつはくちのうまいやつだ。

    He has a smooth tongue.

  • かれはいやなやつだ。

    He is an unpleasant fellow.

  • かれはいいやつだとおもう。

    I believe he is a nice guy.

  • あいつはハードボイルドなやつだ。

    He is a hard boiled egg.

  • あたまかたいやつだな。

    You've got a one-track mind.

  • かれじつにいいやつだ。

    He is so nice a fellow.

  • かれはいいやつだ。

    He is a good fellow.

  • なにあゆみののろいやつだろう。

    How slow you are!

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