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  • Kanji Student Agda
    Embarrassing mistake you have made in spoken Japanese? Posted by: Agda 6 months ago

    This stands out 20 years later as my most embarrassing mistake. I still feel CRINGE to my toes when I remember this.

    I’d just arrived in rural southern Japan. In the village I was living in people openly gawped at me in the streets. They’d really never seen a foreigner.

    Sooooo a new colleague told me I should visit the village bakery because they made delicious food. I went to said bakery. Everyone stopped talking when I entered. I was browsing the produce and the owner asked me what kind of cakes I like.

    And this is what I said.


    Instead of あんこが大好き。

    The silence was something else.

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  • Dalekapp

    Thanks for the heads up on themistakes ! I'm heading there next month!

    0 — 1 month ago
  • Wes

    I have made so many embarrassing mistakes, where should I start

    0 — 1 month ago
  • Liam

    I meant to say "I'm kidding" and I said くそ instead of うそ

    0 — 6 months ago