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  • Kanji Student wesley
    Let's race to level 80 [jlpt1] before december 2020! Posted by: Wesley 1 month ago

    Let's make a fun goal to reach until the end of next year. December 1 is our placeholder deadline until the official test date is announced. If you have a different goal that you want to commit to, that’s ok too!

    Let's start with introducing yourself below and tell us why you want to reach this goal. At the end of next year, we will review everybody and see who has reached the end of the kanji app. We also have some prices behind for the biggest studiers under us :). Let's have some fun!

    Who is with us?

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  • Walloin

    (Hope it's right, my grammar is still weak)
    I'm definitely interested in the challenge

    1 — 1 month ago
    • Wesley

      Hi arvind, it’s great to be honest! Let’s see how far we can come :)

      0 — 1 month ago