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  • Kanji Student Emma
    How do you tell when 隣の町 or 隣町 should be used? Posted by: Emma 1 month ago

    I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but I haven’t made progress on my own. Why does one of these use 隣の町, and the other 隣町?

    Is there some reason 隣の町 is inappropriate in the second example? Or the other way around? Is there something significant going on with adjective vs noun here I don’t understand yet, or is it just choice of words?

    Perfectly happy to accept reading material as an answer

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  • wesley

    I asked a coworker today here in Japan, and she said that if there’s a difference in usage or nuance, it’s not large enough that she’s consciously aware of it.

    That was my initial thought as well, since both words are kunyomi. So it’s not like 隣となりの人ひと and 隣人りんじん, which sound quite different in register despite being essentially equivalent in meaning (with regard to a neighbor).

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