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  • Kanji Student wesley
    Most difficult kanji? Posted by: Wesley 1 month ago

    What was the most difficult kanji or vocabulary you have learned?
    For me, it was the vocabulary 鉛筆.

    What was yours?

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  • Nina

    I'm learning how to read kanji, but I can't remember 砂糖 (さとう) and I always get mad 😁

    0 — 1 month ago
  • Noah

    I'm still struggling with 御成敗式目 which I will most likely never have use for, 諸行無常 took me a long time before I broke it down and looked closely at each kanji.

    0 — 1 month ago
  • Sophia

    Uhhh I guess like

    0 — 1 month ago
  • Liam

    きゃく is customer, guest
    きやく is terms😅

    0 — 1 month ago
  • Liam

    びょういん is hospital
    びよういん is hairdresser

    0 — 1 month ago