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    How to get to the next level? Posted by: Eifachja 3 months ago

    Hello mykanji community!

    I just dont get this app right now 😅 I've started in level one (jlpt5 kanji) and did the first set of kanjis... But now i still stuck in level 1 (at 19%) for days. I always do my reviews and challenges but i don't get why there are not coming new kanjs? How do i come to the next level? (The first set of kanji is already saved in my brain 😅)

    Thanks for your help!

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  • kana

    It's quite easy to level up; just need to keep reviewing. You can do it :)

    1 — 3 months ago
  • Wes

    Indeed Mjollnir is right!
    I just checked your account and you already have new items available.

    0 — 3 months ago
    • Eifachja

      Perfect, thanks for the fast reply! I needed to reinstall the app today (it just showed me some codes) and now i'm also getting new items 😁 thank youu

      0 — 3 months ago
  • Mjollnir

    No worry, you are doing it right... after the right amount of good answers of each kanji, you will unlock a new set of kanji... but in order to remember them all, it takes a little while and patience... keep doing your reviews and you get the next ones soon...
    Good reviews

    1 — 3 months ago
    • Eifachja

      Oh alright. I was a little confused because 2 days ago the app said "you will reach lvl 2 in 4 days" and now it still sais the same 😅 But then i will just continue to do my reviews every day. Thank you very much!

      0 — 3 months ago