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  • Kanji Student Wes
    It’s All About The Game Posted by: Wes 1 month ago

    Let's play a game!

    I start with a Japanese vocab, and with the
    last letter of the vocab, you need to make another vocab?

    Let's make a chain of words.
    My word is やさしい, which means friendly in Japanese.

    What can you make with the い?

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  • IgaT

    Wes やさしい - friendly
    Mjollnir いご - after this (did I get the meaning correctly?)
    Iga - ごめなさい - I'm sorry

    Is this correct or it has to be a noun?

    0 — 3 weeks ago
  • Mjollnir

    Actually, I am at level 12, and I recently learned the vocab « after this » starting with an い: いご : 以後
    So, anyone having another word starting with a ご ?

    1 — 4 weeks ago
  • IgaT

    I found the word:
    ルビー meaning ruby, very beautiful gem :)

    0 — 1 month ago
  • IgaT

    Hi, I think you have started with very difficult kana to start :P
    I haven't found anything in my brain, nor in the 1000 basic words (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:1000_Japanese_basic_words)

    I found out that in Japan, this game is called Shiritori. And it has basic hint: not many words begin with "ru" in Japanese, so one strategy is to think of words which end in this syllable" :D

    Can we use the penultimate syllable in such cases?

    1 — 1 month ago
    • Wes

      Indeed I update it!

      0 — 1 month ago