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  • Kanji Student Wes
    Week 3: Progress update Posted by: Wes 1 month ago

    Last week has been quite a busy week at work, but I still had some time to fix a few things on the list.

    This week's planning is as follows:

    - Make it possible to share images on the community board [requested by Kdrish]
    - Make it possible for users to add cards to there study pile, even if they haven't reached the level yet. [requested by Kdrish and AbMichael]
    - Add katakana option for onyomi answers [requested by Mariagroza2]
    - Show the total time spent studying Japanese. [ requested by Mark]

    What's done last week;

    - New Facebook banners for our five Facebook groups.
    - A daily streak button to let users know how many days they have been studying in a row.
    - New template for mobile users to make things easier for new users. [Had a few complaints about the app interface]
    - Show kunyomi and Onyomi on search results while searching


    - The insights on the mobile app has moved. You can find the insights now under profile -> account settings -> Insights
    - The leaderboard on the mobile app has moved. You can find the leaderboard now under profile -> All
    - The helpdesk on the mobile app has moved. You can find the helpdesk now under profile -> account settings -> Helpdesk

    Got an idea, want to share your thoughts, or want to share a bug? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • jess0132

    More just typing out “ta, to, te...” with no options to choose from, only after you’ve reviewed those a lot. It would be difficult at first to remember. Just a suggestion

    0 — 1 month ago
    • Wes

      I have send you a message, this function is already there :)

      0 — 1 month ago
  • jess0132

    How about an advanced option where you have to type out the character? Sometimes I can’t tell if I really know what it is or if I’m just good at eliminating the other options.

    0 — 1 month ago
    • Wes

      Hi Jes, you mean like a drawing option?

      0 — 1 month ago
  • sjordan

    Excellent work!

    1 — 1 month ago
    • Wes

      Thank you

      0 — 1 month ago