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  • Kanji Student Wes
    Favorite destination in Japan and why? Posted by: Wes 2 weeks ago

    Because the image function is working now, I want to start of with a quick question.

    What is your favorite destination in Japan and why?

    Mine is Kyoto, I love the shrines. I also live on a short distance from Kyoto.

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  • niiku2021

    Kyoto is definitely beautiful. And has some of my favorite places, but there is just something about Tokyo I love.

    niiku2021 1 — 2 weeks ago
  • doctorj

    It is a lot of fun - my daughter and I participate (she gets to throw around dear old dad); we are "desciples" (deshi) of "The Hall of the Divine Warrior" (Bujinkan).

    1 — 2 weeks ago
  • doctorj

    Kashiwa & Noda-shi - that's where I'll be staying and training (respectively), as I'm a Bujinkan deshi.

    doctorj 0 — 2 weeks ago
    • Wes

      That's sounds amazing, I was reading more about it as I never heard of the term Bujinkan deshi before. Looks like a lot of fun.

      0 — 2 weeks ago