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  • Kanji Student dalekapp
    Pairing kanji Posted by: Dalekapp 1 month ago

    I haven't been on Kanjiapp for awhile. THere seemsto be a new review type called "Drawthe pairing kanji. I do not know what this means. Can someone explain what you are supposed to do?I trieddrawingthe Kanji with my mouse but that doesn't seem to work. thanks

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  • KineticMeow

    Is there a section that is just for learning stroke order or if we looked up the word we could practice the stroke order as much as we want?

    0 — 3 weeks ago
    • Wesley

      At the moment I am working on that. The card page has a stroke order example

      0 — 3 weeks ago
  • rosarioleo1

    Well, you have to use the mouse for drawing the kanji, a bit hard with the laptop or smartphone. The pen is your mouse and if it is not a perfect kanji drawing it works.

    0 — 1 month ago
  • john-man3

    If you're using Edge, that may be the problem. If not, it may be that your stroke order is off. Stroke order is very important in kanji.

    2 — 1 month ago
  • wesley

    You can draw the kanji to learn the stroke orders. putting your mouse over the canvas will draw strokes. You can disable the function in your user settings if you don't want to learn the strokes.

    1 — 1 month ago