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  • Kanji Student wesley
    Corona virus Posted by: Wesley 1 month ago

    In Japan there are day by day a lot more infections. How is it in your countries?


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  • john-man3

    According to Worldometer, we just hit the lowest number of new infections so far in April. The last time we were this low was March 30th. And the total number of active cases went up by a little over 1,500.

    0 — 4 weeks ago
    • Wesley

      Thats good news! In Japan it’s going down at the moment also

      0 — 4 weeks ago
  • niiku2021

    We’re starting to level off in the US.

    0 — 1 month ago
    • John-man3

      We leveled off 2 1/2 weeks ago. The decline in new infections is very slow across the country. Thankfully, New York's infection rate seems to be on the decline. On the other hand, Illinois and Connecticut's infection rates are either on the rise or have peaked fairly high.

      0 — 1 month ago