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Doing your first lessons and reviews.

When you have a basic understanding of how my Kanji App works, it's time to start learning. To begin your first lesson, visit the academy by clicking on the "academy" button at the top of your page. Here you can start your first lessons by clicking on the green "start" button.

In the beginning, you'll learn the meaning of your first radicals and kanji. Radicals are quite crucial as they are the building blocks of kanji. Learning a radical will help you remember the kanji that belongs to them.

When you have mastered the meanings of your first items, you'll be able to learn the readings and vocabulary that belongs to the kanji. Let's get started with your first lesson.

Tip: Want to challenge yourself? Why not spice things up and select a more challenging learning speed. My Kanji App has four learning speeds: easy, medium, hard, and challenging.